The Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart

The Lost Treasures of The Black Heart is a comedy club run every month at The Black Heart in Camden Town, London.
It is curated by Josie Long, and features regular act Nathaniel Metcalfe.

Acts from the world of comedy, writing and music are invited to present short sets on unsung heroes or 'lost treasures' to be venerated at the club.

Since 2011, we have been recording these nights, and release them as a podcast in as near to their original form as possible.

Sometimes acts are trying new material for the first time, sometimes the sets are more visual than an audio podcast will allow, and sometimes acts tell us really personal things that they don't want out on the internet, so a few edits are made here and there, but the idea is to present an accurate representation of the nights themselves.

When are the next live dates?

Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart was a monthly club, held at The Black Heart in Camden Town, London.
Sadly, the venue told us in 2017 that they no longer had space in their diary for our show, so the last gig was July 2017.

We are hoping to start a new club at a new venue sometime soon, and release the recordings from the club in due course.

Hello Gang!

The Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart is created, curated, run & compéred by Josie Long.
She is joined by (the one & only) regular act, Nathaniel Metcalfe, who has actually now appeared at the club on one more occasion than Josie due to an instance of debilitating illness!
That night Josie joined us via Skype & Nathaniel took on compére duties.

Since 2011 they've been joined by James Hingley who records the shows for podcast release & edits them with Josie.

Occasionally they are joined by Melonie, a right wing, Tory Melon.

Her main purpose seems to be to wind Josie up.

Acts appearing on the Black Heart's stage at Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart over the last few years have included;
John-Luke Roberts, Edward Aczel, Robin Ince, Hatty Ashdown, Nell Frizzell, Joe Lycett, James Acaster, Rachel Stubbings, Lou Sanders, Sam Schafer, Ben Target, David Trent, Chris Coltrane, We Are Goose, Claudia O'Doherty, Nadia Kamil, Thom Tuck, Kieran Hodgson, Benjamin Partridge, Alex Edelman, Sara Pascoe, Isy Suttie, Elis James, Matthew Crosby, Phil O'Shea, Martin Croser, Stewart Lee, Nikesh Shukla, Holly Burn, Andrew O'Neill, Tiernan Douieb, Fergus Craig, Felicity Ward, Jess Fostekew, Jo Neary, Nat Tapley, Matt Winning, Chris Boyd, Michael Adesina, and many, many more.

Want To Get In Touch?

We'd love to know who's listening & what you've got to say about our little podcast.

If you've been listening & enjoying our shows, you can contact Josie on Twitter at @JosieLong, Nathaniel at @NatMetcalfe.
Even Melonie, the right-wing Melon who acts as an unofficial mascot to the club has an account, @MelonieLToTBH.

Who's on these podcasts?

Download the intro to the podcast here, or the episodes here...

01 - March 2011
This first episode was recorded at the Black Heart on the 8th March 2011, during which everyone was given a free copy of David Nicholls' 'One Day' by a generous publisher (this is worth noting for when the acts refer to it).
It features performances by Josie Long, Robin Ince, Nathaniel Metcalfe, Edward Aczel and Nadia Kamil.

02 - April 2011
This second episode was recorded at the Black Heart on the 5th April 2011, and was opened from offstage by Josie and her trumpet! This month we welcome a wicker owl, enjoy an agressive one-woman play about the Brontes and the game "If you can guess what's in the box, you will win the box, and it's contents whether you like them or not." It features performances by Josie Long, Benjamin Partridge, Cariad Lloyd, Nicholas Cook, Phil O'Shea and Lost Treasures regular, Nathaniel Metcalfe.

03 - May 2011
This third episode was recorded at the Black Heart on the 9th May 2011 (over a whole year ago now! Have a listen and see how different everything was!!!) The month was blighted somewhat by loads of noise from the bar downstairs, where a karaoke night was being held by - of all people - the mayor of Camden! Whilst it may have been frustrating on the night, Josie would like it be known that the mayor turned out to be lovely and they even became friends on twitter. No grudges were formed in the making of this podcast. It features performances by Josie Long, Matthew Crosby (and his female counterpart), Broderick Chow, Elis James, Joe Lycett, Neil Hughes, Tim Kennington and Lost Treasures regular, Nathaniel Metcalfe. We hope you enjoy it!

04 - June 2011
This fourth eisode was recorded the day after I had a big break up. That’s why it’s taken me so long to do the cuts, I hope it’s not too much of a shambles. If anyone's at all interested, there are a few seeds of jokes that went into my 2011 show "The Future Is Another Place". Also a very facile play about the Mitfords. This is a really meandering one, sorry! There's a really long top trumps sequence at the end, you might want to skip it. The guests this month are Martin Croser, John-Luke Roberts, Benjamin Partridge, Martha Owens, Nikesh Shukla and - of course - regular act Nathaniel Metcalfe - all held together by Josie, in a snuggle bag.

05 - July 2011
This fifth episode was recorded on the 5th July 2011, and was a bloody shambles of a gig - the first 15 minutes or so are really all over the place. I hope you like it. It's got a few bits that are like prototype bits for my 2011 show, too! I seem to be in a stupid and grumpy mood, I really hope you can endure it! The guests this month are Dougie Anderson (@DougieAndo), James Acaster (@jamesacaster), Jonnie Marbles (@JonnieMarbLes), We Are Goose (@wearewearegoose), Benjamin Partridge (@benpartridge), Saban Kazim (@SabanKaz), Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), The Sweet Valley Twins (@emmy_the_great), and Brigitte Aphrodite (@bbbrigitte)...

06 - September 2011
This show is from the 12th September 2011 - I repeat a joke in this one from the July show, hiya! I sound everso cheery, I hope you like it! Some of the stuff was later published in a cartoon in the guardian guide, sorry. I think this is quite a good one, sorry the first bit is so long, there's an arts workshop in the middle that you can feel free to skip some bits of! Also at the very end I talk about how I met James Franco. The guests this month are Benjamin Partridge (@benpartridge / ), Nadia Kamil (@NadiaKamil ), Rebecca and AJ from The Peg Powler Gallery in Stockton On Tees, Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), Phil O'Shea (@PhilOSheacomedy), Jonnie Marbles (@JonnieMarbLes), Martin Croser (@M_Croser) and Sara Pascoe (@sarapascoe)

07 - October 2011
Hello, I had a lot of props here tonight.. I'm sorry because I can't really remember what they were, I think that there was a ghost that lit up in a kind of green neon light. People went WOO at it. I hope this is ok! It's nearly 18 months old! This is very long, and there's a seance in it which isn't very good, so we cut some of it. The guests this month are Chris Coltrane (@chris_coltrane), Sam Schafer (@schafersam), Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), James Ward (@iamjamesward), Matthew Crosby (@matthewcrosby) and Matthew Crosby

08 - December 2011
Welcome to Christmas 2011. You can hear James, the sound man, podcaster and web boss of the club at the start of this recording! I wasn't in great spirits the night of the gig but I hope it's ok.. It's a pretty slow starting one and there's a hat frenzy game near the beginning in which I encourage people to steal each other's hats (they're the hats from the christmas crackers that we had...) The guests this month were James 'Pancakes' Acaster (@jamesacaster) , Cairn McDonald, Nikesh Shukla (@nikeshshukla), Martin Croser (@M_Croser), Leo Healy, Nadia Kamil, Phil O'Shea (@PhilOSheacomedy) and club regular Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe) who treats us to a festive reading.

09 - February 2012
Welcome to the first podcast of 2012! It's a labour of love. Melonie makes an appearance this month, as do some guests from Canvey Island. There's some rather loose valentine themes and a bunch of joy from this months guests... club regular Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), Sam Schafer (@schafersam), Chris Coltrane (@chris_coltrane) and John-Luke Roberts (@jlukeroberts) does a special dance.

10 - March 2012
It's March 2012, and Josie spends a lot of time chatting about cake and about her phone, this one has a very slow start indeed, but let's roll with it! Sorry if I sound stressed out! There's loads of great people, though - this month we have appearances from Sara Pascoe (@sarapascoe), Alex Edelman (@alex_edelman), Siobhan Dodds (@unclesiobhan), Chris Coltrane (@chris_coltrane), Thom Tuck (@turlygod) and club regular Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe).

11 - April 2012
t's April 2012, it takes a little while to warm up, but let's stick with it. It has an early attempt at a few bits of material that Josie later wrked out in her 2012 show, which makes it a bit of a curate's egg if you'd seen the show then. I promise by the second half it gets going! There's loads of great people. This month features Alex Edelman (@alex_edelman), Ben Target (@BenTarget) (in what is - let's face it - a very visual act, we hope you have fun trying to decode the audio version), Thom Tuck (@turlygod), Sam Schafer (@shafersam), Benjamin Partridge (@benpartridge) and John-Luke Roberts (@jlukeroberts) with, of course, club regular Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe).

12 - May 2012
It's May 2012, and, in Josie's opinion, one of the best LTOTBH sets we've had. Tonight's gig features contributions from club regular Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), Alex Edelman (@alex_edelman), Joe Wells, Kieran Hodgson (@KieranCHodgson), Sarah Cassidy (@thesarahcassidy) and Martin Croser (@M_Croser)

13 - June 2012
Take a trip back in time to June 2012, we've just had the Royal Jubilee and so this month we're asking, 'What would you have rather seen the Queen do?'. You can also hear me developing some material over the course of this (and previous) podcasts about - amongst other things - Ed Milliband, which would eventually make it into my 2012 Edinburgh show, and onto Stewart Lee's Alternative Comedy Experience. Also I do not actually think the queen is an old bitch. Not at all. Also also, I wilfully mispronounce Nicki Minaj about twenty times. Enjoy! This month's acts are Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe), Sam Schafer (@schafersam), Ed Aczel, Eleanor Morton, Claudia O'Doherty (@ClaudiaODoherty), Ronan Lynskey, Ben Target, Lauren Kerr, Kev Smith (@littlekevsmith), Broderick Chow (@broderickchow), Phil O'Shea (@PhilOSheacomedy), Nicholas Cooke, We Are Goose. It's a PACKED bill.

14 - July 2012
Hop in our podcast time machine and take a trip back with us to July 2012, when the weather was warm, the bar downstairs was noisy, and the acts were ace. Josie feels like she might have been a bit stressed this month, as she was working towards her Edinburgh festival show, but it was probably just that it was really hot that night.

While we're at it - apologies for the seemingly interminable delay on these podcasts, we are attempting to clear out the backlog and get more out with renewed vigour, so listen out for more time capsules from Camden's oddest club in the near future...

Joining Josie are club resident Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe) who - rather presciently - is talking about Pride And Prejudice (And Zombies), Joe Lycett's pal Jack Daniels ( Kieran Hodgson (@KieranCHodgson), Hatty Ashdown (@HattyAshdown), Alex Holland (@ImAlexHolland), Bec Hill (@bechillcomedian) and Thom Tuck (@turlygod). Our regular sound guy James was busy this month, so big thanks to @mushybees for recording the show on the night.

15 - September 2012
Welcome to our ongoing attempt to catch up on the recordings we've made over the last couple of years - we will get up to date soon....somehow!
Return with us now to September 11th 2012 (too soon) and hear Josie getting amazed that Lewisham now has a branch of Tiger (not an actual tiger, the shop Tiger) listen closely to hear if anyone wins a Walnut Whip or a bucket of mustard.
Infact, throughout the show, there's at least five minutes of unneccessary mustard chat. Enjoy!

This month's podcast features sets by Andrew O'Neill (@destructo9000), Martin Croser, Sam Schafer (@shafersam), Phil O'Shea (@PhilOSheacomedy), Deborah Frances-White (@DeborahFW), Alex Edelman (@alex_edelman), Mawaan Rizwan (@MawaanR) and our excellent resident act Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe) who, this month, takes a trip even further back into time to discuss mid 90s sitcom Men Behaving Badly.

16 - February 2013
There's some very fun technical fun at the start that doesn't really work because you can't see the visuals. And it's a bit of a slow start I guess, but let's do this! Also, there's a bit I cut out about sex, sorry internet! Perfect! This month's podcast features sets by our excellent resident act Nathaniel Metcalfe (@natmetcalfe) Phil O'Shea (@PhilOSheacomedy), Chris Coltrane (@Chris_Coltrane), Robin Ince (@RobinInce), John-Luke Roberts (@JLRoberts) Thom Tuck (@turlygod) & Chloe Philip

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